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A dictionary of colors

I am not an expert in linguistics.
But I love words, I’m fascinated by their etymology, and I love serving the world of colour. 🎨

That is why, starting from a series of posts on LinkedIn, I conceived a Small Rational Dictionary of Colours 🌈 [only available in Italian at the moment!].

It is free to download, without sharing email or other information with me.

If you are curious about the history of azzurro (light blue), you want to know why indaco (indigo) ended up in the rainbow due to a lazy translation, and why the colour rosa in English is pink and not rose… you’ll be delighted!

The POLISHED Business English Workbooks

You already know English, but you sometimes think you could take a small step forward and “polish” it a little bit to stand out in your business environment… right? As a technical translator and business English tutor, I’ve created the “POLISHED Business English Workbook” series to share useful knowledge and …