Edit 20/11/2019: I wrote this post more than five years ago and many things have changed in my life since then… but not these ones!

Of course, I do love translating and running my freelance business, but one of the main reasons why I’ve chosen this life is certainly the freedom a freelancing activity ensures. The ability to chose the people to work with, my business hours and my schedule is priceless and so invaluable that I’m beyond grateful for it.

This also gives me the chance to enrich my working days with a few “happy things” that help me reach the end of the day with a smile, no matter how hard my tasks at hand were. A few examples? Here we go!

1. A WALK IN THE NATURE I love being able to ring my mum or a friend in the morning and offer to go out for a walk. And since we live in the country, we have plenty of small paths in the nature to chose from. This relieves the stress of the day, and a breathe of fresh air can only help boost my energy once I’m back in my office.

2. A CUP OF TEA In the afternoon, I always allow myself to have a 15-minutes break with a cup of tea (and maybe a couple of home-made biscuits!). I usually drink redbush tea, since it contains no theine, is healthy and tastes so good!

3. POSITIVE FEEDBACK The life of a freelancer can be lonely, and sometimes it is normal to start doubting about yourself, your choices, and so on, if you don’t have anyone with whom to exhange views. So, when you receive positive feedback from a happy customer or a kind collegue, that is to fulfilling!

4. THE UNFORESEEN While I’m super organised when it comes to work, I always love when a surprise lightens my day. It can be an unexpected call from a friend inviting me over for a coffee, or a neighbour of mine looking for advice. Of course, I don’t have the time to stay with them as long as I would love to, but my job always give me enough flexibility to do all these things and, if needed, catch up on my tasks later.

5. GETTING THINGS DONE Completing a project or reaching the end of my schedule always makes me the happiest girl on the planet!

What about the “happy things” in your routine?