Chiara Foppa Pedretti

Working with colors, materials, and finishes?

Working with colors, materials, and finishes?

Let's write your way into the Italian market


Your show-stopping products + my hyper-specialized skillset= a failproof combination for communicating with your green-white-red customers

Your machines produce smooth surfaces. Your paints create special effects. Your design products evoke emotions. Your guns make sure your abrasives hit the right spot.

And you want your content to do the same. Even in that melodious, yet so weird language they speak over in the boot-shaped cradle of color and design.

Well, you’re in luck today. I can help! I’ll take your amazingly chiseled words and I’ll turn them into Italian texts that are smooth, in the right hue, and warm and soft enough to push the right buttons in your potential buyers.

This is what I do:
πŸ“ Technical translation. Italian users will read your manual and perfectly understand it. No small deal.
πŸ¦„ Marketing translation, localization, and transcreation. Delight your audience by selling to them in their own language.
βš– Legal translation. Sign that agreement knowing that everyone’s on the same page.
🧁 The icing on the cake. A few more services that might tickle your palate.

And I do it for many happy clients revolving around the colors, materials, and finishes (CMF) world, from manufacturing – especially in the surface treatment industry, such as shot blasting equipment producers to ink and paint formulators – to design – for instance, color forecasters or interior designers.


#GreatJob You have done an excellent job in translating our website!

Luca D., Marketing development manager


Chiara is very professional and helpful. I have a successful working relationship with her and I hope it goes on in the future.

I highly recommend her services.

Mercedes S. M., Architect and translator


Your company has spent countless nights and certainly even more pennies on fine-tuning your new technology. An entire team has mulled over the wittiest slogan and copy to launch it. Now, it’s time for me to laser-focus on the glorious words that will sell it in Italy.


Chiara is precise, reliable, and punctual.
She works with passion and great professionalism.
I recommend her to everyone who needs important texts to be translated.

Manuela C., Technical sales & marketing expert


Chiara writes very well, which is a rare and valuable quality that I struggle to find among my collaborators.

She is also punctual and reliable, so I would undoubtedly recommend her to other potential clients.

Laura D. T., Localization team manager


If you don’t know where to begin, start here:
😡 Still on the fence about your project? Read So, what does a translator do exactly?, You’ve decided not to hire me? That’s fine. Start here, then, and The transcreation of a slogan, or listen to an interview with me: Language Translation As A Tool To Increase Sales.
🌏 Ready to begin your journey? Check out this roadmap to learn how to take the first steps towards the translation of your content.
πŸ“² Love languages as much as I do? See if you can find something interesting among the resources I make available to everyone.
πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Want to know more about me? In addition to the dedicated page, here’s my LinkedIn profile.
πŸš€ Ready to e-meet me? Get in touch to ask for info and let’s talk about your lovely project!


Chiara is an excellent, well-trained, and precise translator, also for technical and industrial texts.

Her professionalism leads her to fully respect the agreed delivery times and she is also very available and flexible in cases of extreme urgency.

Alessia V., Technical magazine editor-in-chief


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