Eventually, my maternity period has come to an end.

I’m sad because I constantly┬ámiss my daughter, while sitting in front of my PC… alone, for virtually the first time in three months.

But on the other hand I’m also happy, because I feel full of new energies and ready to run my business more efficiently (since I’ve got less time), to hear again from my clients (I can honestly say I’ve missed the daily emails I used to exchange with many of them) and, of course… to start┬átranslating again!

Not only that: in the last few days, I had made sure to file away any paper, clean up my desk and refresh the look of my office a little bit, with a few new design objects and a fancy mood board… So, I was really looking forward to beginning this “old but new” adventure. I’ll tell you more about this in the next posts: stay tuned!