Word palettes

Word palettes

Is it possible to create word palettes just as you do with color palettes? 🎨 I think it is!

📔 Word palettes can be described as collections of words or phrases that evoke certain feelings or ideas.

In a way, they are automatically created when selecting a “bouquet” of adjectives for color books and fans. 💐
But, more generally, they can be prepared to create a harmonious text and a consistent tone and message when used in writing. 📚
And peep into a thesaurus: aren’t those word palettes blooming around each main word? 📖

👉🏻 When creating a word palette, I think one could start by considering the overall tone and message they want to convey, as well as the types of words they might use to express it.
Thesauruses, dictionaries, and other relevant reference materials can help find the right words to include in a palette.

👉🏻 The second step could be to conceive a pattern to ensure that the resulting palette is consistent and cohesive.
This can be done by organizing the selected words into categories, such as positive, negative, or neutral words, or by creating a consistent rhythm or syntax for how the words are brought into play. Or even by throwing in rhyming words or alliteration to spice up the palette.

Let’s play with an example: 🌼 a word palette related to spring.
We could include words such as “blossoming,” “blooming,” “budding,” “greening,” “renewal,” “growth,” “warmth,” “light,” and “renaissance.” Terms such as “vibrant,” “lively,” “energized,” and “vitality” could also help us create a sense of the season.

🌈 And what if we wanted to reverse-engineer this concept and match our word palette with a color palette?
Well, I guess we might use shades of 🟢 green for words such as “blossoming,” “blooming,” and “budding,” shades of 🟡 yellow for words such as “warmth” and “light,” and shades of 🔴 red for words such as “renewal” and “growth.”

I’ve been mulling over this for some time now, and I think it is such a playful and interesting way to look at writing, isn’t it?