Translation: a simple roadmap

Translation: a simple roadmap

Sometimes, you want to hire a translator because you need one stand-alone text written in another language. That’s all. And that’s perfectly fine.

But it can still be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start.

And what if what you actually need is to start a journey to localize your company’s content for a different market?

That can be crazily overwhelming, right?

Well, it doesn’t have to. Here is a straightforward but effective roadmap that gives you an idea of what this journey will look like.

  1. Select a few key materials. You can’t translate all your materials at once! Begin by selecting a few key elements, e.g. the product page on your website and some brochures.
  2. Prepare the project. Prepare the texts to be translated in an easy to process format (e.g. Word). Be ready to share your glossaries and/or terminology lists, if available.
  3. Select your translator and start. If possible, don’t ask an employee who speaks the target language, but choose a pro translator (or a team). Select them based on criteria such as: quality, specialization, price, speed, and communication.
  4. Assess results and repeat. Assess the results obtained with your first localization project and gradually expand it by translating further content.

In this way, you will grow your business by conquering a new market and expanding your customer base!