Technological developments in translation

Technological developments in translation

Technological advances have led to unprecedented changes in translation as a means of interlingual communication.

– International Journal of Communication 10(2016), 947–969

Two main developments have been changing the world of translation, in the last few years: computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools and machine translation (MT). CAT tools allow creating translation memories and glossaries to reuse already-translated text later, thus speeding up the work while guaranteeing higher consistency. MT systems, such as for example Google Translate and Microsoft Bing, use complex algorithms to analyze and translate sentences (although at present these often need to be checked and polished).

Of course, these tools must be used very carefully by translators. On the other hand, they bring undeniable benefits for both linguists and customers. Moreover, as they’re here to stay, they can’t be simply overlooked.

Another significant technological advance for the translation industry, as for any other, is related to social media and the Internet in general. Linguists don’t feel lonely and isolated anymore, they can practice the languages they know without leaving their homes, and they’re finally able to easily find and reach out to colleagues and customers.

After reflecting on all these changes, I’ve decided to take action.

And that’s why I’m rebranding expanding my brand.


  • By better defining my services and adding a new one, i.e. Machine Translation Post Editing (I’m now a certified post-editor)
  • By expanding my know-how about translation-related technologies (the post-editor course is just one example)
  • By using social media in a different way: Instagram will simply offer a few glimpses into my everyday life, whereas LinkedIn will be the platform I’ll be focussing on. I won’t only reach out to old and new customers, but I’d also dream of creating a small community of fellow colleagues working in my same specialty fields. The hashtag #PaintInTranslation will be a starting point, and I’ll see where it takes me.
  • Through coordinated, more professional design (which never hurts!)