I’ve already written a blog post about running a thoughful and kind business. For me, this also include being as green as possible.

This is what I do in this area:

  • I’ve already gone completely paperless. I never print my translations to proofread them, as many collegues do, and as of January 2020 I switched to electronic invoicing.
  • I don’t commute to work since I have a home office.
  • This also enables me to control my energy consumption and waste levels.
  • I take advantage of my flexible schedule to be green in my private life, too. For example, I almost always go grocery-shopping on foot and I prepare every meal for my family from scratch (e.g. I make some pizza dough just after lunch and then cook it for dinner). I’ve also started producing soap for my whole family.

These are just some other reasons to love my job!

[Written on 01/03/2018 and updated on 30/01/2019]