My meaningful business

My meaningful business

I’ve always loved the idea that working by myself and for myself also enables me to build a meaningful business.

This does not necessarily means taking striking actions to make the world a better place as suggested in this article:

Working hard is essential, but entrepreneurs also have a unique opportunity to make the world a better place in the process.

– although I think that everyone can and should do something in that direction.

What I really mean here is this kind of committment (source: link):

My job is to genuinely give unconditionally to my clients and partners without expecting anything in return. […]

This is the secret to building successful business relationships and deriving value from your network as fast as possible. As I shared above, it’s not a kumbaya circle. It’s a smart business strategy.

What do I do to make my business meaningful? Well, I love my job, for a start. Also, I love serving my customers, getting to know them, helping them improve their business through my work and simply doing something good.

Edit 20/11/2019: You may also want to read my other posts on why my services are also green, “slow”, and tailor-made.