How I started working for the surface treatment industry

How I started working for the surface treatment industry

As a technical translator, I handle documents about several different industries.

However, a particular sector accounts for most of my translations. And that’s the surface treatment and coating one.

To be honest, I entered this market completely by chance.

I knew someone working for a global leader in the production of surface treatment equipment: the Italian branch needed to translate the marketing material written in English by the German parent company and the secretary entrusted with this task wasn’t making a good job. So, they decided to hire a professional translator and asked me if I was available. They also promised a person would’ve helped me with the technical jargon I didn’t know, yet. That’s why I said yes. (I wrote a case study here if you’re interested.)

Within a few months, I’d already learned a lot. And the client was so pleased with my work that they recommended my services to a specialized publishing house writing articles about coating and industrial cleaning solutions.

And then they recommended my services to another company, and so on. Thanks to word of mouth, I fully established myself in this sector.

Meanwhile, I’ve continued learning, both thanks to the professionals available to help me with obscure terms and, of course, by studying a lot and taking courses about all things surfaces and materials.

Finally, I’ve built precious glossaries and translation memories while working.

Can I help your company, too?

[Note: This post was originally published as a LinkedIn article.]