How do you market machinery?

How do you market machinery?

Industrial machines, plants, and equipment in general (e.g. those manufactured by many of my clients, intended for surface treatments of any kind, from shot blasting to coating) are certainly a bit more difficult to make “attractive” to buyers than (many) other products.

👉🏻 Here are my tips for communication in this field:

1. Have a show-stopping website 💻

This is likely to be the first place potential buyers who are investigating your equipment go to check out your portfolio.
It should be SEO optimized, responsive, and brimming with useful information and high-quality photos.
It should clearly list all the products you offer and their related purchasing information.
🎯 AND it should be translated into ALL the languages spoken in your target markets.
Nice testimonials are a great plus.

2. Adopt a good marketing mix 🎼

Consider combining pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, content marketing (educational and/or, why not, funny videos, blog posts, infographics, etc.), and social media.
Bring forth valuable information through eye-catching, fresh, relevant, helpful, and engaging resources.
Your goals: improving brand awareness, but also reaching potential customers faster and better than your competitors.

3. Write insightful articles 📰

Specialized magazines and industry-specific publications are still going strong. Use them!

4. If your budget allows, hit a few conventions and trade fairs 🎪

Build a gorgeous stand. Offer delicious croissants or French cheese. And talk with people.

BONUS: Communicate in a purposeful way 👩🏻‍🎤

Always, always, always speak the language of your customers, in every sense possible:
🗯 speaking their actual idiom (English? Italian? Arabic?)
🗯 using jargon and industry-specific terminology
🗯 reflecting their core values, meeting their needs, and understanding their worries.

But if you got at least the delicious croissants and French cheese part right 😉 you’re already on track!