So, what does a translator do exactly?

If you are a translator, chances are you’ve been already asked this question several times.

If you personally know a translator, chances are you’ve often wondered what do they do all day long.

If you’ve ever hired a translator, chances are you’ve asked yourself what the heck were they doing with your texts and why did it take so long to translate them and how did they come up with that price. Continue reading

Yes, I’m back

Eventually, my maternity period has come to an end.

I’m sad because I constantly miss my daughter, while sitting in front of my PC… alone, for virtually the first time in three months.

But on the other hand I’m also happy, because I feel full of new energies and ready to run my business more efficiently (since I’ve got less time), to hear again from my clients (I can honestly say I’ve missed the daily emails I used to exchange with many of them) and, of course… to start translating again! Continue reading

My maternity hiatus /2: What I plan to achieve

(If you’ve missed Part 1, you can catch up here)

So, we’re almost there! In a few days, my maternity hiatus will officialy begin. I must confess I have mixed feelings about this: I’m so happy to start focussing on myself and the baby, but I’m sure I’ll somehow miss my freelancing routine.

However, since I’m a girl with a plan at heart, I’ve already scheduled a few activities to keep me busy… Okay, more than just a few! 🙂 Long story short, this is basically what I hope to achieve in this period as far as my business is concerned: Continue reading

My meaningful business

I’ve always loved the idea that working by myself and for myself also enables me to build a meaningful business.

This does not necessarily means taking striking actions to make the world a better place as suggested in this article:

Working hard is essential, but entrepreneurs also have a unique opportunity to make the world a better place in the process.

Continue reading

I’m not an entrepreneur! But I certainly think business.

I read plenty of blog and forum posts stating that translators, and freelancers in general, are entrepreneurs. Or need to think like entrepreneurs. Or act like entrepreneurs with their customers and competitors.

The truth is, I really don’t understand why. I guess this is just a more fashionable way to look at it. Maybe someone has embraced this perspective after the tenth time she’s been asked if being a freelancer means to have a real job, and I can understand that.

However, this isn’t true: we are NOT entrepreneurs! Seth Godin has already said it all: Continue reading

A typical day in my translator’s life

Many people wonder what does a freelancer’s day look like.

However, there is no simple or universal answer to this question. It really depends on your job, your lifestyle, your family situation, and even your income goals.

In my case, I don’t have any children yet, but I have a house and a husband to take care of. I have a rather flexible job and my income goal is not as high as it could be, because I prefer working (and therefore earning) a little bit less per day to be able to have a walk every day, cook our food from scratch and so on. As you can imagine from these words, we also live pretty frugally. Continue reading