30/01/2020 Update: This is a very old blog post. My life has significantly changed since then, as I do have a daughter now. I plan to write a new post on this very soon.

Many people wonder what does a freelancer’s day look like.

However, there is no simple or universal answer to this question. It really depends on your job, your lifestyle, your family situation, and even your income goals.

In my case, I don’t have any children yet, but I have a house and a husband to take care of. I have a rather flexible job and my income goal is not as high as it could be, because I prefer working (and therefore earning) a little bit less per day to be able to have a walk every day, cook our food from scratch and so on. As you can imagine from these words, we also live pretty frugally.

Anyway, this is how I typically spend a working day.

6.50 am: I wake up pretty early. I’ve never been an early bird, but I’ve managed to change this habit in order to take the most advantage of my day.

7.30 am: By this time, I’ve had breakfast, dressed and washed up and cleaned a little bit around  my house. I can now start working and/or answering e-mails.

10.30 am: Break time! I have a nice walk in the country with my mom, or once/twice a month have a coffee with some friend or neighbour.

11.30 am: Back to work, now fresher than ever!

1.00 pm: Lunch time. This is a sacred time, during which I don’t read any e-mail, answer any phone call, etc. Other people can wait.

2.00 pm: Back to work!

5.00 pm: I try to leave this last working hour for tasks such as marketing, training, bookkeeping, etc., and I do this every day, so I never feel overwhelmed by them.

6.00 pm: Free time. I spend it reading, watching TV, cooking and doing many more things that I enjoy.

10-12.00 pm: Bedtime

As you can see, I devote 7/7.5 hours per day to work. This is just enough for me and proportional to the value I give to my job compared to other spheres of my life. I’m afraid I’m no workaholic, but I feel like a happy, and therefore productive, freelancer.