Chiara Foppa Pedretti

Chiara Foppa Pedretti

English-Italian Translator & Post-editor


Feeling stuck somewhere between English and Italian? Just imagine: a beautifully written brochure that attracts foreign customers. A clear contract that your partner can’t wait to sign. A compelling post on your international blog.

That is when a translator and post-editor – better yet, a highly trained, perfectly organised experienced translator and certified post-editor like me comes into play.


About me

About me

In my work, I strive to translate not only words, but concepts, ideas, and intentions. I carefully polish each sentence to make sure the word choice is perfect, the phrase is catchy, and the message hits home.

I’m also committed to providing a translation service that is digital and remote, sustainable and purposeful, technologically advanced, and tailor-made and customer-centred.

Work with me

I’m a translator! Translation is my passion and my only focus: I only do what I do best, so that you always get top-notch results.

I can especially help in these areas:


AKA Technical translations. Think: manuals, specifications, brochures, press releases, blog posts, presentations, etc.

Life has taken me to work especially in the surface treatment and coating industry. You can find out more about this through my #PaintInTranslation posts and articles on LinkedIn.


For your contracts and agreements. I also offer a sworn translation service


Audiovisual translation, script adaptation, subtitling. From movies and documentaries to videogames, up to corporate videos


From specialised magazines to books and blogs, let me help you reach your audience

Post-Editing of Machine Translations (PEMT)

For both internal documents and texts to be published

Ready to discuss your specific translation needs? Contact me at any time!

Case study: Turns out, secretaries aren’t (always) good translators

One of my first long-standing clients was a global leader in the production of surface treatment equipment. The German parent company had started creating a bunch of marketing material; they wrote all texts in German and they translated everything into English in-house. The Italian branch, located near Milan, needed to …

Slow living translator

I’ve always wanted to live slow. And I’ve always known that a freelance job would’ve given me the chance to adopt the slow living lifestyle I wanted. Carl Honoré defined this approach as follows: It is a cultural revolution against the notion that faster is always better. The Slow philosophy …

Making translation a tailor-made service

This morning, I translated a brief article about a manufacturer of robotized metal cutting/grinding stations. Apparently, one of its strengths is that all its systems are tailor-made based on customer needs. Their customization method is pretty simple, yet very interesting. They have developed a standard layout for all their systems, …

Technological developments in translation

Technological advances have led to unprecedented changes in translation as a means of interlingual communication. – International Journal of Communication 10(2016), 947–969 Two main developments have been changing the world of translation, in the last few years: computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools and machine translation (MT). CAT tools allow creating translation …

My green business

I’ve already written a blog post about running a thoughful and kind business. For me, this also include being as green as possible. This is what I do in this area:

My meaningful business

I’ve always loved the idea that working by myself and for myself also enables me to build a meaningful business. This does not necessarily means taking striking actions to make the world a better place as suggested in this article: Working hard is essential, but entrepreneurs also have a unique …


I’d love to hear from you and include your project in my schedule!

To request information or ask for a free quote, drop me an email at chiara at chiarafoppapedretti dot it.
I’m based near Milan, Italy, but I work with clients from all over the world.

You can find me here, too: