Chiara Foppa Pedretti

Chiara Foppa Pedretti

English-Italian Translator & Post-editor


English and Italian feel so similar, yet so different?

Communicating between different languages and cultures doesn’t happen by chance. It happens through careful writing. That is when a translator and post-editor – better yet, a highly trained, perfectly organised experienced translator and certified post-editor like me comes into play.

About me

About me

In my work, I strive to translate not only words, but concepts, ideas, and intentions. I carefully polish each sentence to make sure the word choice is perfect, the phrase is catchy, and the message hits home.

3 reasons why you should work with me? With my specialisation fields, I can help you in every step down the road, from marketing to negotiating, from contract signing to post-sale assistance. I always keep up to date with both the industry terminology and translation technology. And I’ll strive to be a proactive, helpful member of your team.

Making translation a tailor-made service

This morning, I translated a brief article about a manufacturer of robotized metal cutting/grinding stations. Apparently, one of its strengths is that all its systems are tailor-made based on customer needs. Their customization method is pretty simple, yet very interesting. They have developed a standard layout for all their systems, …

Technological developments in translation

Technological advances have led to unprecedented changes in translation as a means of interlingual communication. – International Journal of Communication 10(2016), 947–969 Two main developments have been changing the world of translation, in the last few years: computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools and machine translation (MT). CAT tools allow creating translation …

My green business

I’ve already written a blog post about running a thoughful and kind business. For me, this also include being as green as possible. This is what I do in this area:

My meaningful business

I’ve always loved the idea that working by myself and for myself also enables me to build a meaningful business. This does not necessarily means taking striking actions to make the world a better place as suggested in this article: Working hard is essential, but entrepreneurs also have a unique …


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To request information or ask for a free quote, drop me an email at chiara at chiarafoppapedretti dot it. Let’s chat!

In based near Milan, Italy, but I work with clients from all over the world.

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